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Anyone sign up for Yamalube Advantage yet?


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I read the fine print.....says you must use and be able to prove via invoice/receipt that you used Yamalube oil and a Yamaha oil filter, filter must be changed at every oil change, must be done within 100 miles of every service interval/14 days if changing by time period and not mileage, must be reported within 30 days of the service being done, and lastly you must register the VIN within the first 500-700 miles.
Wondering if it's worth using a Yamaha filter (my only disqualification)? I just don't see it mattering since I bought the 5yr YES warranty anyway. I'll probably sell this bike once the warranty is up anyhow.

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I have. It's "free" and figure it can't hurt. 
I have only documented my first service - which was dealer performed for me
I will be servicing the bike myself from here on out and will simply log P/N's that way
(when you log service records on the website its pretty basic stuff)

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