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Changing Rear Sprocket Studs


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So I am another of those unfortunate fellows who overtightened the rear sprocket nuts according to the "official" specs and stripped the stud/nuts. I have the studs in and was getting ready to change them but these are not like automobile studs in the sense that they have threads on both ends. I have been unable to find a write-up or any good info on how to go about changing these or even a diagram so I can get an idea of what needs to be done here... so my questions are:
How do I best remove the old ones? 
How do the new ones thread in and how would you turn them to thread them in since there are no edges to grip? Or do they not thread at all?
I'm not sure if other bikes have the same type of threaded studs so if there is one comparable does someone have a link to that write up? Any help is greatly appreciated as I hate having the bike out of commission any longer than necessary.   :'(

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I did the same thing as you on 2 studs.
To remove the studs I just torqued down with a pair of channel-lock vice grips and unscrewed them. No worries since the threads were junked anyway. Try spraying some penetrating oil first and let that sit for a minute.
To install the new studs just run 2 nuts against each other and then torque the upper nut. Just enough to make the stud flush with the backside of the hub. You don't want to overdo it. Then use 2 wrenches to break the nuts apart from each other.
Wish I could recall the thread pitch/count but I forgot. Just take one of the studs to a hardware store and use the thread gauge there to find out which nuts to get. (only for stud installation, not sprocket installation, you want a self locking nut for that)
Also, not sure if you may be confused but the studs are threaded on both ends, with about a 3/16" area in the middle that's not threaded. The hub side are a greater thread pitch and count than the sprocket side.

Everything went braap.

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You could try locking 2 nuts together and then if you are lucky you can unscrew the stud with a spanner on
the two locked nuts, Iv'e just tried that on a old car engine manifold but it did not work, studs to tight,
so I used a pair of small stillsons not sure if you use the same name but the kind of thing plumbers use
for threading pipes into fittings you can also get stud removers one of your tool places should be able
to help. there are a few types.

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