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Dunlop Q3 review


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My 07 had 10k on the OEM Bridgestones. They were a great getting to know you fz for a first set. Good grip in the dry and no problems in the wet. I pushed them very hard aggressively on the street. I do not do track days yet.
Just installed the Q's. I have maybe 50 miles on them, holy crap. The bike wants to turn now. Lean in is like riding rails. They track extremely well and you can feel the chemical and mechanical grip they provide. Suspension on my FZ is stock so the heavy nose dive under extreme braking tested the front pretty good, no squirm or wobble or anything just a solid linear deceleration. They feel planted mid corner and they seem to lessen how shit the stock suspension is for aggressive riding. Lean angles have increase considerably where as previously I was having to exaggerate hanging off the bike to corner at higher speeds than I probably should have not gone. So... just throwin this out there. Q3's feel super on FZ07's if you wanna get some really good solid rubber beneath it. 

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