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Long shot, but worth asking.... XRS700 Guage pod


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I've spent close to an hour googling just to find a manual or OEM parts diagram or ANYTHING to no avail. It seems like if a bike doesn't exist in the USA it just doesn't exist online :(
I'm VERY curious to know if the gauge pod uses the same connector or would be swappable with our FZ07s. I doubt it would be a direct swap, but it'd be awesome if was just a couple changes to the harness / connections to get it going.

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I am interested in this. Though my issue might not be solved with the XSR cluster. The slow updating of the speedometer kills me. Jumping 8-10mph between updates could very well result in a ticket. =(

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I created an account on the XSR forums and asked someone to help us out - someone already replied and posted these pictures:
Now we just need to compare it to our FZ-07 wiring and see if it's (hopefully) the same - or close enough to make it work. This would really open up a lot of possibilities for aesthetics on the front end of our bikes.
MT-07 wiring for "meter" / gauge plug here: [attachment id=2267" thumbnail="1]
Seems like L/R and L/B don't match - but I'm not sure what L/R and L/B is supposed to stand for to be honest. Diagram shows it feeds into the "Joint coupler" which goes directly to the ECU and "Yamaha Diagnostic Tool Coupler"
Having troubles seeing the side closest to the clip, asking the fellow show shared the above pictures to get a clearer shot of this for us. If anyone want's to take a crack and compare them that'd be great too.
Also, if anyone with a FZ-07 Service manual (opposed to my MT one) can double check the pin out on that meter connection I've shown above, that'd be great also. It's possible the MT-07 has a different harness due to the ABS and whatnot.
[attachment id=2269" thumbnail="1][attachment id=2268" thumbnail="1]

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Old thread, but I have a FZ manual and figured I'd throw in the info on the FZ cluster plug.
The only difference is in Pin 12 and Pin 23 (labeled G/R and G/B on yours). Those pins are blanks for the FZ-07.

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I know it's an old thread, but did anyone ever find out if the meters are swap-able?

I'm in the Charlotte NC area if anyone wants to meet up and find out.

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