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Paulie's FZ-07 vs R6 on track! Video/Pics, & Special Guest!


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Hey everyone!
I finally managed to get some pics and footage up from my first track day of this season! 
As some of you know, I've been upgrading my bike during the hot summer downtime to try and compete a little more with the faster guys I track with - a fully prepped R6 race bike, F3 675, Tuono 1000, and RSV4 1000.
Major updates since my last track outing include the Healtech Quickshifter, Yoyodyne Slipper Clutch, MWR Air Filter and re-tune, Samco Silicone Radiator Hoses, Factory Pro Shift Arm with Ceramic Bearing, AP MotoArts Rear Suspension Link, and Ceramic Wheel Bearings by WorldWide Bearing with TWF Racing Captive Spacers.
Smashed my previous personal best lap time by over 5 seconds!  And what's crazy is that after reviewing the video, my body positioning isn't what it should be...pretty rusty since last season actually :)
Some pics first...
That special guest I mentioned in the title?  Our very own @sorkyah !  He rode up all the way from Arizona just to hang with us for the weekend!!!  Of course we got some pics of the bikes together, duh...  :)
While @sorkyah was here, he came to the shop before we headed to the track and got some Gilles Tooling AXB Chain Adjusters from me at Bellissimoto!  He was going to install them when he got home, but after we noticed his chain was a little tight at the track, we just took care of it on the spot, MotoGP pit-crew style!
Hmm, that chain and sprocket look familiar...copy cat!  J/K, LoL   Can't ever fault anyone for using great products :)
While I was snapping pics of his bike, I also got a few of the Gilles Tooling GTOL handlebars with 2D.GT Adjustable Risers w/ Speedo Relocator he got from Bellissimoto a while back...pretty trick set up!
Ok, that's it for pics...
...which brings me to the first video production of the 2016 TrackDay season (for us at least)
[video src=https://youtu.be/Rw8-9FjiS0Y]
- Paulie

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Nice! Those chain adjusters are pretty.

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Wow you're really close there! Half a second difference between both of your personal bests! Awesome.

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Awesome video!  
Chain looks a little rusty between those gold links (or is it desert sand/dust), @sorkyah .
Just dirt/ old lube... rode out there, sprayed the chain down but didnt clean it. 
gonna be replacing it here soon.
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No rev matching?
Yeah, that's definitely an area I can use some improvement in :) 
Having said that, the Yoyodyne slipper clutch does help quite a bit, and lets you be less than perfect in that area.  When I tested it on the street before I went to the track, I tried to test it's limits.  I couldn't get the rear to lock up until I went from 4th to 1st at 6,000rpm and just let the clutch out.  For sure that would normally lock up the rear immediately and probably cause a crash, but with the slipper clutch the rear barked for a split second and then gain composure immediately.
But yeah, rev matching is an area I can definitely improve on, along with a bunch of other things.
- Paulie
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