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Woodcraft Clip-ons with Windscreens Compatibility


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Hey everyone.  Sorry if this is covered in another thread, but with how popular the clip ons are, we should have an easy to navigate compatibility list.  Might be helpful to keep the format similar so its easy to search.  I am sure we have already tried a majority of combinations between us.
My contribution is below.   Excuse the bad picture, its the only one i have.  Currently running 1" in the up position and no screen; which is what prompted me to make this thread.
Fabbri Genx Touring
WILL NOT fit with 1" riser in the up position
WILL fit 1" riser in down position.
(no permanent modifications to bike or screen parts)
[span]Fitment is not perfect though.  Right upper bracket will hit brake line.  I used only 3 of the 4 mounting locations and did a 1k ride up the california coast with no issues.

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