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Shad E48 saddlebags


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Packing was excellent. 
Overall the bags are very nice quality and I would absolutely get them over. I will add a pic of the inside and them expanded. Easy enough on, and strap fits under the rear seat so can still use cycle guys bag if need. Though now I think I am going to search for a cheap seat cowl to put back there.
I have been waiting for these bags for just about 2 months after initial purchase. I am not going to put shadonline on blast here because I do not feel that would be appropriate. But I will say their customer service leaves much to be desired.  I could have ordered these off ebay and not had the hassle I did, But I wanted to order through the dealer and even expressed both those things to the dealer.
TLDR//::  bags are great, shad dealer not so amazing in my experience- maybe look to ebay to buy.
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Great! Thanks for posting this set up. Ive been eyeing these for a few months now and are still at the top of my list. They're definitey a lot larger than I expected. I can just imagine of all the stuff my wife can cram in there on a road trip. :P
I see the strap running through the OEM tail there. Do you feel running that strap as you have is mandatory? I suppose the racks will keep the bags from slopping around into the wheel-well.

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3.5 month--7 thousand miles later review
Build quality has held up well so far, seen everything but snow-that will be very soon. Carry capacity is fantastic, much larger than the bags I had on my shadow. Held up well to a 35mph lowside, minor scuffs to material and one of the zippers.
Only negative is when it rains. The rain covers do nothing to keep the water out, but do a wonderful job holding it IN >:D . Quit using the covers, pool inside the bags not wanted at all!
Overall I guess they're worth it. Cheaper than the Yamaha/SW Motech bags, larger as well if I remember correctly. Hard cases would really be ideal but that is costly, which is where these step in.

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10-ish month review. Somewhere around another 10k miles later.
Had a high side shortly after the 3.5 month review. 45 mph on the clutch side. Held up really well again.
The bags have faded considerably. Will upload pictures this afternoon.
Overall I will again say I guess they're worth it. Though I really wish these Shrike mounts(forum vendor) were available when I purchased the SHAD system.  

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That is a nice setup! I got the poor man's version. Shad zulu soft bags. Big suckers. I had a credit with Yamaha for accessories and ordered them.
Another member posted his homemade guard to keep the bags away from the tire. I copied that and thanks to whoever it was that gave me a cheap solution.
We just got back from a 900 kms ride and had no problems. Wife said she didn't even know they were there.

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