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I just picked up a new 2016 FZ-07 on Saturday. It came down to blue or neon wheels and the blue won. I live around Austin, so I've got plenty of curvy roads in the Hill Country and around the lakes. Been riding for awhile, got my first bike when I was 21, a brand new 05 Yamaha XT 225. It turned out that I liked street riding more than trails, so I quickly traded it for an 05 FZ6. Great bike for most situations, but the lack of torque around town was getting old. I had to rev it to the moon and hit triple digits to have fun. It was a great highway bike though. I sold it in  2013 and was planning to get an FZ-09 when it first came out, but never got around to it. I was interested  the SV650, but all of the ones on Craigslist around here had salvage titles. Since I was going new, I went with Yamaha again.
So far, it's great! 0 to 60 isn't too far behind the FZ6, and it doesn't have the power band that encourages me to run 130+ at least once every ride. On curvy roads, it feels almost the same as the FZ6. It has way more wind though. I'm definitely going to order a short windscreen for it and maybe even a big one for touring. I did several thousand mile round trips on the 6, but never in one day, so that's a goal for next spring.
I've already ordered frame sliders. I didn't realize I had a leftover Amazon gift card, so at checkout I found out I was only paying $25 shipped. I made my own fender delete for the last one, so I'm looking at a way to make one for this, but I might just break down and buy one. 

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