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Other than using frame slides as such. Has anyone actually figured a proper way to mount highway pegs on a FZ07?
I have searched many forums(yes this one included) and google and have not found a decent way to mount some. I have 50 sets of folding pegs,.. I received and had planed on mounting on a different bike(1 set that is). Seller sent me 50 instead of 1, then wanted me to pay to ship them back, HA! You want'em back, you pay for your mistake. They never paid, I have 50 set of pegs...
@chicagoaj's suggestion:
From the frame slider mount location. If you want it nicely done you'd have to get a piece of pipe with a closed end that fit in that frame tube. Drill a hole in the closed end for the engine mount bolt and have the tube extend out maybe an inch or 2 from frame. Get another piece of thick, flat metal or angle iron to mount to the tube. Either weld or with drilling/hardware. Then put a peg on the bottom of whatever you you attached to the tube/frame mount. Doesn't have to be super sturdy, you're just resting your feet there - not standing on them. However, if you make them super sturdy they might double as some kind of crash protection.
Read more: http://fz07.org/thread/6442/tip-uncomfortable-seat-edge-height?page=1#ixzz4KAmC2IW8
I really dont want to go this way, though I think this may be the main way to go. Essentially like using one of Higdonion's stunt cages. I would like to just mount them off the bike but with the engine being part of the frame...

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Forward mounted foot pegs cruiser like to stretch out for those longer trips.
Yea the way you are thinking they may well scrap and just look bad.
If we could mount them to the engine where a frame normally is would be perfect! But alas we don't have frame there. And I for one ain't to keen on screwing those into the engine block and resting my feet on them.

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