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Battery/ starting problems


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So I recently made a few dumb mistakes. First of all I left my motorcycle key ignition on "on" for a couple of hours and my bike would not start, so I kickstarted it and got it running but when I stopped, or slowed down it would die again. So thinking it was my battery I took it to a store and had it charged. And I made another mistake by accidentally reversing the poles when reattaching the battery (positive to negative, and negative to positive). Now my bike won't even turn on, what could be the problem, and how much might it cost to fix? Please and thank you

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If yer lucky - you just blew fuses. Start with the main 30A fuse and then look at the fuse for the regulator/rectifier and also the dash. I'd guess the RR is toast - fuse or not. Take a deep breath that the ecu is also not fried. Those 2 components (and maybe the dash as well) see battery voltage all the time - even with the key off.
These are the things that I've heard of failing when others have accidentally flipped polarity.
good luck.

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Thanks for your help, I got it up and running again, it was just the main fuse that was blown but I replaced it with the spare
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If you own a voltmeter - make sure it's charging properly - 14V DC at the battery at 4k RPM. If you don't own one, pay a visit to Harbor Freight and get one of their cheapies. they work just fine for this. Actually, you can also tell by pointing the headlight at a wall or whatever reasonably close and raise the revs to 4K. The light should get a bit brighter as the revs go up from idle.
And try not to temp fate like that again. ;)
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