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Chain tension


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Can anyone tell me about how tight the chain should be. I have less that 250 miles on the bike and when I checked the chain the other day I could push the chain all the way up till it hit the swing arm and I thought, Wow this seems loose. I got my bike brand new off the showroom floor and they took it to the back to prep it so I could ride it home.
Why is the chain loose and is this normal? I had an R6 a few years ago but I don't ever remember that chain being able to touch the bottom of the swing arm.

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Do you have your manual? If so, it explains how to check and adjust the chain. There are also plenty of YouTube videos. Out of curiosity, I just checked mine and if I lift up on the chain with heavier force, it gets just shy of parallel to the underside of the swingarm. Even if it was more loose, it wouldn't come in contact with the swing arm anyway so I'm not sure what's up with yours. Refer to your manual and if you still have doubts, ask the dealer if they could help you out.

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Over the first 500 miles or so the chain and sprockets
like the rest of the bike run in and they need a few
adjustments once they settle down they go long periods
without adjustment.
With the bike on it's stand I set mine so I can just make 
the chain touch the protector under the arm but once you
sit on the bike the chain loses a good bit of this slack as
the suspension compresses, a over tight chain is worse
than a slightly slack one you don't want it like a banjo string.
Without looking I think the book recommends 2.5 inches,
but it is in the riders manual.

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Between 2 and 2.10 inches, as measured from the end of the ridge under the middle of the swing arm, to the middle of the chain(as you press lightly down on the chain)

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There's suppose to be 2.1" measured between the top of the chain (with some downward tension) and the bottom of the swinger somewhere in the middle between sprockets, while the bike is on the sidestand.
Chains get looser as the suspension extends and tighter as it compresses. With the bike on the sidestand, the slack is gonna change some depending on the spring preload setting of the shock - crank the preload way up and the chain will be a bit looser. It would be more consistent to measure fully extended - this is where center stands come in handy. Yamaha delivers the bike with the preload in the 3rd position from dead soft. I'd measure the chain there.
My chain just touches the swinger and has been like that since day one. When I put a piece of hardboard that's 2,1/8" over top of the chain it fits in there nice and snug. I've not adjusted mine from there. Modern chains/sprockets usually stay in adjustment for a long time. Besides it's always better to have a chain on the loose side than tight. Having them tight wears out the chain, sprockets and can even do harm to bearings in the gearbox - especially the output shaft's outer bearing.

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