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2017 MT-10 SP with electronic suspension and R-1 M dash


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Today at the Intermot show in Cologne Yamaha announced the new MT-10 SP. It comes with a differently tuned ECU, Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS), Thin Film Transistor (TFT) instrumentation.
The electronic suspension automatically makes adjustments according to road and riding conditions on the fly and has proven to be outstanding on the R-1M. The R-1M instrument screen has also made it's way to the SP model, which allows the rider to adjust for light or dark backgrounds.
This is impressive and of course, Europe get's this bike first in February. No word yet on when it hits the USA. Whenever this is, I will be getting one.

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I hate financing anything, I have no car payments, no bike payments, etc.... but Jesus Yamaha stop this shit before I go in debt !

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Alright, went to the dealership today.
Finally saw the FZ10 in person. Please don't attack me...
The bike doesn't look as good in person. Looks great in pictures, but in person... I don't know. Maybe because it was the raven, all black. The bike didn't stand out. Also, looks like a whole bunch of plastic bits.
But the main disappointing thing which I already suspected or knew of long ago... the bike is tall. The seat height from standing next to it is obviously taller than the FZ09. So the bike does not fit me at all. Also I was surprised at how big the bike itself is. Its a big bike.
Anyway, this eases my mind as now I don't have to lust after the FZ10 and can put that attention to something more important. Like retro designed bikes. lol.

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