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dual sport FZ-07


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Is there a kit for that? It may be cool as far as aesthetics go but I seriously doubt anyone can make this into a good dual sport, say like a XR650L.


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Just for the challenge I went and had a good look at it with that in mind.
Three really big things. Lots of others but they are reasonably fixable with reasonably simple mods.
Front forks would have to be changed to something with at least 160mm travel preferably more than 190mm. Forks off a bigish dirt bike ( Yammy's own?) would be nice. By smart application that would give a slacker head angle and more trail AND increase the minuscule under engine clearance.
The exhaust would have to be lifted at least along the SIDE of the bottom of the motor ( like 70's trail bikes), but higher would be better. That would give better protection to the pipes and give some more ground clearance for when you increase the rear travel.
The wet sump needs to be removed and replaced with a dry sump. Luckily it is bolt on so some sort of fabrication is quite possible. So much so that I wonder if that isn't a possibility in Yamaha's future for the bike.
The big thing is it is so much lighter than the previous 600+/- cc Yamaha trail bikes and the motor so flexible ( especially when fuelled properly). Motor is compact and narrow.
Maybe a future project for me when the second hand ones come down in price and I can find a bent fork one?

Go forth and modify my son...go forth and modify...

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