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Fueling devices, resistors vs remaps


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Hi, My situation is a little unique, no dynos in my location or even my country. no flashing ECU services available. So that leaves me (I Think) with a few choices to enrich my A/F mixture or remap via a piggy back device that does not require dyno.
I found the Booster Plug add on which is similar to other resistor devices in that it simply tricks the ECU into thinking it is colder outside than it is and thereby enriches the mixture for better running, it main difference from typical devices is that it supposedly compensates for actual outside temperature with a probe. This results in a more or less constant 6% increase in A/F.
The EJK piggyback is my other choice and as I guess you all know is a cleverly manually adjusted mapping device with many preloaded maps available.
Any experience with either of these devices? feedback, honest opinions based on knowledge?

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I think your best options are mailing your ECU to 2 Wheel Dyno Works or the EJK. I have no personal experience with the EJK, but have the 2WDW flash and love it.

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They should ship to the Phillipines (2wdw) but no clue how much it will cost you to ship out your ecu insured. But then, it might be more convenient going the EJK route if you change exhausts down the road.

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 I don't really want to be without my bike for a couple weeks, perhaps longer, what's the turn around time for the flash? I should have mentioned I am half a world away from the U.S. in the Philippines.
As I understand things re flashing is the only way to cure the throttle cut off issues and engine braking.
edit, just saw above post, I will be adding an Akropovic titanium exhaust (or similar) and K&n filter. got to cure the factory too lean tune. It won't hurt to check it out regarding flashing, shipping will be about 200 buck both ways plus flashing. If it where to get lost I would be up a creek.

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Flash Tune offers a "bench kit" ...that a tuner in a box, will allow you to turn the deceleration injection back on...I know there is a library of a handful of maps of common exhaust from them to download, stock oem maps and the " unrestricted maps" which tuners/ ppl build up on, msy have to install an AFR device to help you tune if your exhaust is not listed...

2015 fz-07- Hordpower Edition...2015 fj-09- 120whp- Graves Exhaust w/Woolich Race Kit- tuned by 2WDW

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The Booster Plug worked so well on my Africa Twin that I have ordered one for the FZ. I;m not uncorking this bike so it should be perfect.
When I uncork the AT I may have to upgrade.

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I have a Kawasaki W800 that came with a Booster Plug fitted and yes
it works, tried it on and off with it on the slight hunting at steady
low throttle is gone the bike pulls a little better at slow speed
and it is slightly better on fuel, I think it will help the 07 though
I dont have one on mine.

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Well, my solution will be to order a booster plug first, its so cheap it's an easy first step, then I will upgrade the exhaust and intake over time as budget dictates, the final step will be an eventual reflash if I think I need it. I don't need the bike any faster just more efficient and smoother.
so far the snatchy throttle and engine braking are noticeable, but if the booster plug smooths out the throttle issue and low RPM wandering I can live with the engine braking.
I noticed even stock I don't need to use the clutch to up shift at middle rpms. with just a touch of clutch no problems at any rpm.
gotta put more miles on and change the oil , then I will know a lot more.
Where I live this thing is the king of the road for the most part. Awesome little beast.

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Is it this? I'm curious, let us know how it works out on this bike.

Yes that's it. I have read about other ECU resistors type add ons and they just have a simple resistor to trick the ECU into thinking the engine is cold, but they do not take into account varying ambient temps and the relationship to throttle position, this one supposedly does and has a fairly linear 6% enrichen across the RPM range if I understand it correctly. Anyway for little over 100 bucks worth a try until I get my bike set up with exhaust and air filter. I ll be reporting 
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Guest ChicagoAJ
So, after reading an article on Cycle World about alcohol in gasoline, it got me wondering. I have a station by my house where I fuel up 100% gasoline, 87 octane. Is this the right choice? Should I always go 100% gasoline? Just wanted to hear you guys thoughts.
Unless your bike is tuned on 89/91/93, use the 87 that's ethanol free (100% gas), it's way better for engines.  
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Well As an interim solution to an eventual reflash ( I wan't to add exhaust, (done), and DNA airfilter+box), I have installed the Booster plug. Here are my first impressions and an install guide.
Booster Plug Ride Test
First impressions:
I was really looking forward to testing this new gadget, but low pressure area typhoon was preventing riding yesterday. They called for signal # 1 this morning, but to my surprise sunny skies broke through, so off I went to specifically test the features of the Booster Plug.
Idle RPM:
Cold start idle goes to 2000 rpm then quickly receded to a steady 1500. it remained at 1500 trough a short 25 minute ride. first gear idle on level road 1500 rpm observed. Idling along in first gear there is a marked decrease in surging, although it was not bad before, you can tell the difference, and when you apply throttle it is even and smooth.
On Off throttle transitions:
Transitions are noticeably smoother with no jerking or sudden changes, this is one of the most notable effects upon riding around in traffic, the bike has become smoother. Whether engine braking is reduced I can't say, but I don't mind throttle braking in the first place, what I think most people are saying when they mention extreme engine braking is the sudden on off nature of the stock setup. That is indeed gone making it a pleasure and smoother ride.
Decel popping from LeoVince:
These are advertised to reduce decel popping of after market exhausts. What I observed is an improvement down to 3500-4000 rpm, after which some popping still occurs, that said even the stock exhaust had a small amount of popping, but it was hard to hear.
Improved Acceleration:
I can't tell you it improved acceleration, because for me it has awesome torque already. I would have to ride more to say if I noticed any. Besides I already have added the after market exhaust which may have already improve acceleration some. Maybe on a stock bike you could tell.
I did notice an improvement in the smoothness of the shifting. Even on top of what I said I felt when I installed the LeoVince. That however could have been a function of hearing the engine better.
Outside Temperature LED reading:
Apparently since we must have bypassed or altered the temperature sensor circuit, the outside ambient temperature gauge now reads about 13-15 degrees, about half of the actual 29 degrees this morning. This is not close to the 6% lowering that Jens of BP says, so it is just an induced error I think. I'll ask about it. So you lose knowing how hot it is outside. there are no error codes, or other anomalies.
Overall rider impressions:
It really seems to have made the bike generally smoother to ride overall, putting along at 5-10 KPH in first and better on/off throttle response, it has just tamed it making it (more of) a pleasure to ride. Accelerating in first gear, my unofficial butt dyno tells me the front end is a little lighter than before, but as I said I will need to ride more to decide if we have gained acceleration, certainly there is no loss. Fuel consumption figures will have to follow later. I average about 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers now. I'll reset the gauge and take new average readings over the next weeks.
So the upshot is this is pretty much as advertised. A solid piece of equipment, and for those not wanting to got to the trouble and expense of a reflash and dyno testing, or like me want to make sure we are not to lean with other mods until an eventual reflash, a reasonable alternative. and at 150, cheap enough.
Installing the Booster Plug
 The theory is quite simple, it is based on existing technology that tells us that most bikes are running lean from the factory, and a simple resistor circuit can trick the ECU into thinking it is cooler outside than it is, and enrichens the mixture a certain amount. The BP goes one step further and adds a temperature probe to keep the enrichment a constant 6% across all temperature ranges. In addition if your technically minded, it also works in tandem with the Lambda probe closed loop metering and will allow the ECU to regulate fuel normally at constant throttle cruising thereby not increasing fuel consumption unless you go WOT. At full throttle the BP kicks in due to a delay in the ECUs programming.
The install literally took ten minutes, plug and play 100%. Each BP is made for each specific motorcycle brand and model. here are the pictures of the installation.
all the tools you need.
Plugs inline at AIT sensor.
Temp probe tie wrapped to brake line to ABS unit (MT07) with rubber pad. has to be in outside air.
stuck to ECU with double sided insulated tape

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