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Hit pothole, bent rear rim


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I hit a large pothole this past Tuesday. Now I've got a slight bend on the lip of my rear rim. The tire looks like its in good shape. The bike feels stable and there's no noticeable vibration, though its hard to tell from the rear wheel. 
I've called a local service shop and they've quoted around $600 for the whole repair. $395 for a replacement rim, ~$120 for a new tire and ~$85 for labor and disposal.
Its an awful lot of dough for a very small bend.
How reasonable is this quote? Do you think the bike is safe and rideable? Or do I need to just pony up and pay to fix it?

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Guest ChicagoAJ
I just went through this. You can get the rim online from PartShark.com for $279 with free shipping. The tire is likely fine, my rim was bent worse and my tire was ok. You'll need to get new wheel bearings, valve stem, and oil/dust seals for the new rear rim. The cush drives, spacer, and sprocket carrier just swap over in a few minutes.
I paid about $487.xx for the whole ordeal but I did all work myself except swapping the wheel/balancing and putting the new wheel bearings in.
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I hit a huge rock with my back tire and it did similar damage to yours. Mine caused the tire to leak. I only paid $160 to get mine straightened. The place I took it to is called Dr. Johns motorcycle frame straightening in Anaheim Ca. They did a Badass job, I can barely tell where they fixed it. If you r not close to them you can mail it to them.

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Now that it's integrity has been compromised it could blow out on a smaller pot hole so I'd say, for safety's sake, get it fixed. If you don't mind a little hard labor, here ya go:
[video src=https://youtu.be/5wYWvuneFvE]


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