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Good day all,
My internet searches for bike mod ideas have often landed me here & I have enjoyed lurking quite a bit.
Bike:See Sig. I may get around to wrapping the red bits in some metallic brown vinyl I have around here somewhere...
I'll let you know if I come up with anything clever - till then, back to the vehicular voyeurism.

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Instagram: @meekmade | You don't need to flat foot a bike to ride it.

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Thank you for the warm welcome Hamster & Motomeek.
Well, Dobeck has fast shipping! My EJK arrived.
I hope to install it this weekend if I get the chance.
I'll be pairing it with a Danmoto GP exhaust, which I don't see any reviews on.
I hope to do away with the mid pipe on that so it ends near the stock location, but need to come up with an adapter from the 2 into 1 to the muffler.
I am aware that this might not produce the best performance results due to length - but if it has a negative effect then I will just install as the manufacturer intended.
We shall see.

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Welcome and congrats! metalic brown vinyl, that reminds me of another FZ-07 owners choice of color, I think it was bronze. (been awhile since I've sen it) it looked pretty good and yours should as well. BTW, I like your avatar! It reminded me of the movie, "The Book of Eli". If you haven't seen it, it's a movie about a post apocalyptic world where all bibles were banned because some silly people had the notion that religion was the reason the war got started in the first place. (like that's ever happened, ha! ;) ) Not a bad movie, either.


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