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crazy emergency mod idea


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after my wreck in August, i've become obsessed with "field fixes" for the
2 things that really made my 40+ mile ride home difficult.  
my gear shifter pedal and my driver foot peg (left side obviously)
got hosed.  i'll post a pic below.
anyway...i was able to shift by digging my toe 45degrees under
or over the lever if you can picture that and i used the passanger
footpeg for my left foot.  not graceful, but effective.
to the point.  wouldn't something like this be cool to latch
on to a bent shifter lever and/or a broken footpeg assembly
as a quick fix?
yeah, i could carry factory fresh replacements but then i'd need more tools, etc...and what if i'm injured?
let the "yeah, rights...." begin....

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