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Homemade Saddlebag Brackets


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Got a good deal on some bags and threw them on. Didn't notice they rubbed when cornering because well, they are behind me.
Brackets go for over $100 but for $6 at Home Depot I made my own. Simple and it works.
Bent it over my shin, bolted it onto the passenger pegs and painted it.
Let me know what you think!

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Thanks for posting. I have the same problem with saddle bags. I have some aluminum flat bar similar to what you used. I've got all winter.

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Looks good with the bags on and covering the bar/bolts. How about a pic directly in back of the bike with the bags on.


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Thanks dudes! I figured I wasn't the only one that didn't want to spend so much on some brackets!
I used the same material to make a license plate holder for my cafe racer.
I'll snap a pic of the back as soon as I get home!

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