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What 17 sprocket fits?


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@level41... I dont recall if you were asking in another thread as well, but the answer is yes. Vortex made 15-17 front sprockets and are listed to fits the 07 but as I said in the other post I'm pretty sure @bellissimoto can help you here as was huge help for me when doing my custom 520 swap! (ended up getting 16/42)
Also, you should be able to keep the stock chain as 16/43 and 17/43 both should use 108 links chain.
Link to "chain/sprockets updates" thread: http://fz07.org/thread/810/talk-chain-sprocket-upgrades?page=7&scrollTo=103113#ixzz4OJwhbVAf
- Pancho

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Sadly I'm nothing with the site, as it doesn't take my credit card, and Paypal, like usual, is being a major bitch in trying to get my account re-activated.
The security code sent to the email doesn't work,
The security questions for some reason don't work, I remember what the answers are, and it still doesn't work,
and the phone number in the Paypal account is 3 numbers ago.
So, I can't pay via CC nor via Paypal... Website sucks!

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