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Immobilizer question


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Realizing in the US nobody gets this option, does anybody know what the immobilizer actually does? All the manual tells you is don't ever lose the red key, don't use it to run the bike, or keep it near the black keys.
The bike is disabled in what way? no hot wiring?
If I were going to steal a bike I would just put it in a truck. or install a new ECU

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The red key can be used to program new keys that's why they don't want you to loose it,
the ecu reads the chip in the key via a receiver in the ignition lock if it's the right
key the bike will start if not it wont start or even turn over, a red led flashes for
24 hours after the bike is switched off then goes out to save the battery, if you loose
all the keys you have to buy a complete set of keys and ecu not sure if fitting a ecu
from a non immobiliser bike would work. There is no alarm so yes you could just throw
it in a van it wont stop the determined thief but will put a joy rider off.
You are not missing much and given the chose I would not bother just something else
to go wrong.

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What is not explained is what is needed if someone sticks a key in you bike and it becomes "immobilized". And as I understand it only dealers can reprogram the keys from the red key.
anyway, hope it never becomes an issue.
In Russia these devices are common with even more sophistication (lots of car theft there) whereby the key sets up a dialogue with the ignition module, and after running a complex set of Algorithms allows you to start your car.
Thieves have countered with bringing a new ECU popping it in and driving away. In the case of GPS tracking devices implanted in cars and bikes, they use special vans with blocking devices.

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The bike doesn't become immobilized. The immobilizer won't let the bike start if the wrong key or some other tool is used to put the ignition switch to ON.
If the correct key is used afterwards, the bike will operate normally.

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