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Yamaha T7 tenere announced!


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Nice bike for sure but you best check to make sure the strap on the Akrapovic pipe isn't going to break under much harder stresses from dirt riding.  ;)  (just ask Jeff about that)


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This is the bike I bought my used -07 to turn it into...now I hope Yamaha puts the T7 into production and that they keep it light, as in no ABS if you don't want it etc. I personally think this would be the ideal bike and it appears in the pictures that Yamaha is taking the dirt part of the equation seriously, if so, this will be my next bike (oh please Yamaha, do it and keep it LIGHT wt.)
And they better not dilly dally as the concept light wt. Honda Africa Twin is looking much better and what it should have been to start with and don't forget KTM with their 800 parallel twin, now you gotta think they'll end up putting that in several platforms including a dual sport...things are looking very interesting.

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The bike looks like it will be much more serious for off-roading than the late 660 Tenere, which is a good thing. Seems like the real deal.
Unfortunately, the instruments show the very worst of Yamaha traditions in their (lack of) design. Looks like a Cycom with two old XT clocks fitted to the top.

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