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Hello from the Wine Country


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Hi all :)
Just wanted to introduce my self on the "new members" forum. I went down last week and purchased a new FZ07 in red. While I have not quite seen what she is capable of since we are in the "baby it" for first 500 mile phase...I am VERY impressed with the motorcycle. The last ride was a 2007 FZ6.  It was a great bike, but I never did feel comfortable on in the two years that I owned it. While I could appreciate the power it put out, I am just not a four cylinder guy.  I much prefer the low end torque of a twin.  Prior to the FZ07 I had a 2011 Ninja 650 which was a great bike, but I am also not a fan of fairings.
So when the FZ07 came out I was VERY excited to say the least.  When I first saw it on the show room floor, it was love at first sight...things went into slow motion and I actually heard the "Dream Weaver" song LOL :)  
So far I love it, it is the easiest bike to ride.  It is considerable shorter, smaller and lighter then the Fz06, as well as the Ninja ...I swear I feel like I am riding a 200cc bike.  All the way home from the dealership I was laughing ....very very cool and THANK YOU YAMAHA!!!!
So hello and ride safe all A C 

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Welcome acenturian! I'm hoping you mean the wine country of California. If so, we're practically neighbors! Excellent choice of color too, red is the fastest according to our poll. Make sure you vote here!

Illegitimi non carborundum

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Congrats acenturian ! You have made an excellent choice. Red is the colorer wine, although I prefer white. Many happy miles !

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