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Lets make a cool forum compilation video! Submit some clips!


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I think we have the coolest North American FZ-07 forum. We have the most members, threads, posts and more Vendors and discounts than anyone in the world.
In other words, you guys freakin rule and we have a pretty cool place here.
And I bet some of you have some pretty cool video clips. Some of you have some great existing Youtube channels. Want some subscribers and views?
When one of your clip runs, I'll put a link to your channel up on the video to get you some viewers and subscribers. I will share this vid on my 32 social media accounts and it will get seen, trust me.
Ea clip, 2 minutes max please, unless it is bad ass.. 30 second minute clips will be needed too, or I can edit them for you..
Wheelie vids
Twisties hauling ass with hd quality
Track video clips
Porn stars on your FZ-07 -lol just kidding there
Anything cool or interesting to make people watch
i'll edit the video or one of you can, and we'll add some cool effects and say hey world, we are the guys and gals on those fz-07's come join us!
Submit some clips below please. This could be cool as hell!

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Love the idea! Will post a link shortly!
- Pancho

You've never seen me cause I'm too damn fast!

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The porn thing severely limits and FZena is not happy but we'll do our best anyway.
FZena.jpg < "You're cut off, cruizin!" - Love, FZena


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Here is some wheelie footage and some track day footage. Sadly not a whole lot of quality third person footage. I don't know what your time frame is for putting this video out, but I'll have my bike back together in 2-3 weeks and I will be able to provide more footage then (including drone and gimbal footage).


Youtube and Instagram:
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Not sure where to put this video. Just messing around with some color grading.
Hope you enjoy? Please Share!
I will have more too. i.e. ( Gimbal, road shots, twisties & goodies)
[video src=https://youtu.be/CRHiAxva0vg]

Honda Grom
CB 350

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