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REV'IT Taurus GTX review (plus Icon Patrol review??)


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So I have survived 2 winters using the Icon Patrol.  These are 75 dollar budget winter gloves but I don't think they are supposed to be winter gloves.  They are more or less rain gloves, but Revzilla has them in the winter gloves section.  Anyway, those gloves can tolerate 32f/0c weather for 15 min max.  With an extra inner liner glove (any fleece like cheapie you can get) probably you can go a full 20 min.  At 36-39f I can go up to 30 min max but my fingers are  numb and in pain.
So I figured for Christmas, I should ask for new gloves.
Enter the REV'IT Taurus.  These are 250.  A substantial increase in price.  These are all-weather ADV gloves, and shouldn't just be called winter gloves, but for my purpose, I'll call them winter gloves.
It should be noted prior to this, I purchased a Held 2 in 1 but even in my size, the thing was so bulky and I seemingly lost what little tactile feel I had in my Icons, it made everything difficult, I just returned it.
Fit and extras...
So as far as the REV'ITs go.  It is bulky.  It feels similar to the Icon Patrol, but slightly more bulky.  It is slightly less bulky than the Held 2 in 1, but it has very similar multiple layer feel going on.  It is VERY difficult to put these gloves on due to the tight wrist area.  Some Revzilla reviews say it is impossible to put on, me, being asian and on the smaller side of things, although yes it is hard, I can eventually slip it in.  The difficultly increases when you have one glove on, and you try to put the other glove on using the gloved hand.  This is very difficult and time consuming.  Well, it may take up to a minute max but compared to putting on any regular glove, it is a hassle.  Once you get these things on, you don't want to take them off ever until you are done riding.  Many will attest to this.
*UPDATE*  I have gotten used to the gloves and can now slip both on in less than 10 seconds.
As far as extras goes, it does have capacative sensors on both index fingers so you can use your smart phone with these gloves.
Cold resistance...
How does a 250 dollar glove stack up against a 75 dollar glove?  10 extra minutes.  I can now go about 25 minutes in 32f degree weather before my fingers are numb and in pain.  Yes, you've read that right.  That is also with the aforementioned extra inner liner. 
Basically what I am saying is there comes a point where in order to ride in winter comfortably, you will need wind guards (hand guards) and/or heated gloves.  I found this out in a costly manner, but oh well.  If any of you intend to ride seriously in freezing weather, don't focus on over-priced winter gloves.  Focus instead of getting wind guards and heated glove liners. 
Otherwise a 75 dollar Icon Patrol will basically do nearly as well as a 250 dollar REV'IT glove.
At least the REV'ITs sure do look much better than the cheap looking Icons.
Final Verdict:
Save your money.  As much as the touted technology and materials contained in this glove has, it does just a slightly better job than Icon Patrols which has none of that.  If you don't have dedicated winter gloves, get something for 100 bucks or less, and spend money on wind guards.  That combo will do much better than spending 250 dollars and these gloves.

I visit here at least once a week.  Got any questions, ask and I will answer!

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Thank you for that hones review!! Yes, 28-32 I have tried with decent Thinsulate gloves, but you need heated grips AND handguards - with only
one or the other there is such a difference.. I can commute now without frozen fingers!!
Plus, I wear an underglove too to help me out - several models in Revzilla, mines are old Dainese in silk.

Safe riding!

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