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Estimated Total Miles Over Lifetime


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I am wondering about how many miles one would expect to get out of the FZ 07 over its lifetime. I know there are many variables involved such as maintenance, riding conditions, etc, but I'm just talking average here. So for the sake of discussion lets just say, if the owner were to keep up the scheduled maintenance, and ride under average conditions, for how many miles would the bike last?
The reason that I am so curious about this is because, at this time the FZ 07 is my one and only operational, gas powered form of transportation. About 7 months ago the transmission on my car went out literally 1000 miles after the factory warranty went up. All of my transportation needs are within a 20 mile radius of where I live so instead of buying another car right away, or thinking about having the trans replaced, I bought a good quality bicycle, and up until I got the FZ 07 that was my only mode of transportation. I use to have a guy on a scooter blow by me during my morning bicycle commute every morning, and one day I decided that I wanted to look at getting myself a scooter. That began a journey which ended with me buying the FZ 07 instead. I decided that I couldn't see myself on a scooter, but I digress.
So at this point in time I plan on using my FZ 07 as my main form of transportation. I enjoy the health benefits of commuting by bicycle so I will still utilize that option some percentage of the time. I live in California and the weather is pretty nice most days of the year, and for those few days here and there when it is not, the city in which I live has wonderful public transportation. I do like to make the occasional day or overnight trip out of town, and I plan on using the FZ 07 to fulfill that role. 
So, how much could one expect to get out of a motorcycle like this over its lifetime? For how many miles of road will this bike serve my needs?

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As long as you want it too. At some point you will need to rebuild the motor/transmission but you could keep this thing going for a lifetime if you wanted.
I would still want something with a roof though.

2015 FZ-07 2003 2014 GSXR 1000

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Like jake mentioned, it's just a matter of will and money. If you want the bike to keep running and you've got the $ you simply keep fixing it when there's something wrong with it.
It's just that after some time it stops being good value for money to keep a certain motorcycle running. Say, if you have a bike that needs an engine rebuild and the total value of the bike is smaller than the cost of the rebuild it's probably not a good idea to keep it (financially speaking).
For a 2 cylinder bike like the FZ07 I'd say anything between 50k-100k miles is a reasonable number. Of course there are riders who keep their bikes for much more than that.

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Serve your needs before it needs an engine rebuild or simply isn't worth working on any longer? No one can answer that with certainty either way.


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Good oil and frequent changes 100k easy.
My past bikes: CBR 1100XX 90K miles. Traded, still perfect.
V65 sabre next owner took it to 140k miles till U-joint
Current ride ST1300 60K miles, still strong.
The key is the liquid cooling. Air cooled bikes lose power around 50k from ring seal.

Got new red 2015 FZ-07 on 7/22/16!
Black 2006 Honda ST1300 53K miles.

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