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tracer 700 price hike!


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yamaha has increased the price's of all their bike range in the UK for 2017.
so no doubt it'll go up in the USA to.
the Tracer was £6449 on the road in 2016.
this year 2017 £6849.
bare in mind yours maybe cheaper than ours due to not having the immobiliser built in,abs brakes and data tag.
the MT-07  has not escaped either that has gone up to £6,099 .
all in uk pounds ...£1 to $1.22

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If the Tracer ever comes to Canada I'm getting one. You guys across the pond are lucky.
I remember the clamour for the 07 to come to the US. You would therefore think that Yam will eventually send the Tracer over.  
Prices in the UK are to suffer from the £ devaluation, but Yam now seems to  start the MTs at a low "promotional" price then jacks them up after  one year. 

Just do it! 

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the £ doesn't devalue that much for yamaha to increase it by £400.
like anything if its prove popular the price will go up.its always been the case on most things.
example the pound has never dropped below 1.12 euro the same with the $.don't take any notice of the papers.
most hell bent on trying to keep us in the EU by scare mongering as always.

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