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Opening up a couple Moderator spots, one co admin spot.


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We are soon about to change the complete look and even eventually give multiple theme color options of the new format. It will be a game changer for this forum we love and the same easy "add image to post" button will work for phones too. Along with some other cool options.
So, I'm looking to add a couple of moderators. We have some killer mods already but alot of them have had life changes the last 3 years and they will always be royalty around here cause they helped build this.
But we need a couple more new members who would like to be able to move posts to their proper board, delete any spam/trolls when post and get full premium features that are about to expand big freakin time!
Help us keep this place cool, fun, welcoming and the place to learn and share about our bikes! Moderators get a great resume reference from yours truly.
This is all volunteer with perks and only when you can glance thru recent posts like normal, when you happen to have time to login, but Im looking for once per day folks, 1/2 hour-hor per day?
Send me a hey at rob@cruizin.net if interested. Especially if you have some SQL and basic database experience, but not required. Resume if you want.
BTW, I just got off the phone with a company who wants to work with me on full wrap graphics. My idea is that I'll create a forum app where we can have a pic of an fz-07 and you can upload any design you want on front fender, tank, maybe even tank side plastics. Goal being able to support one seeing the design on the bike.
then order the kit right from the forum app, https of course, and then shipped to your door.

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