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Leftover 2015 FZ-07's are out there.


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Just enter your zip code. They're out there, discounted, might even get one to your dealer, start dealing.
Best way is to then go to that dealers website and check inventory there. Have been some mistakes. I have 7 different ones come up near me.
One has a $6290 price on it.

Got new red 2015 FZ-07 on 7/22/16!
Black 2006 Honda ST1300 53K miles.

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Beware, that $6290 price usually has a ton of fees, docs fees, dealer prep fees, sales mngr got drunk and wreck his truck fees.. Walk in to dealer on snowy day if you can, when they haven't sold a bike in weeks and they will remove those fees if you can play the game.

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