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This is a portion of a note I sent to Nels reporting my first extensive ride after flashing. If you can do three, well maybe 4 things, to your bike to both increase performance, sound and, overall rideability.  Go for an Exhaust, DNA or other intake mod, R6 throttle tube conversion and last, to bring it all together, a flash tune and mapping.
what follows are my comments.
Temps remained below 94 Celsius despite 35 degree air temps. before often averaged over 100. Throttle response is extremely good especially in lower gears. smooth smooth, smooth, but instantly available if you twist a little more, cylinders seem very synced. It pulls right on up into higher rpms unlike before, In fact it pulls like a eFen freight train. I have a little private road where I check out cornering performance, I didn't push it hard, but even at that, accelerating out of tight corners I could feel the front end getting lighter and lighter, but in a controlled way i could probably wheelie out of a corner accelerating no problem. It was half throttle, well maybe a little more.
And the sound is like well, I would compare it to a top fuel funny car.(exhaust plus stage 2 DNA set up). You can easily hear the whahhhhh of the DNA sucking huge amounts of air. And with the LeoVince underbelly with baffle out... oh ma Gawd.
BTW I used 97 RON.
Nels as everyone who has dealt with him knows is a super talented guy, and a nice friendly man to deal with, two things that don't necessarily go hand in hand. And I have to put a plug in for Flash Tune ECU who extracted the base map from My Asian model MT 07 so the flash could be applied. both excellent companies doing great work. It took a little longer but I was compensated for my trouble.

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