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Hi y'all,
I haven't seen a thread that is a collection of local rides so I figured I'd start one and hopefully people would add to it!
I usually ride with a small group of 2-5 friends and, for bigger rides, I will ride with a group called Sons of Technology because they're really welcoming and like the scenic cruises.
Here's the list (Google Maps):

Volente / Lime Creek Road - twisty roads, first run should be a scouting ride
Jonestown Loop / Rolling Thunder - easy cruise, very scenic
Devil’s Backbone / Blanco to Wimberly - hit and miss on this on, not a lot of turns
Roller Coaster Loop / Pedernales Fall Park - easy cruise, very scenic
Post Road - super chill ride, great for by yourself or group of 2-3
Ride to The Oasis - scenic route ending at The Oasis
Overlook Park / Gruene River Grill - great viewpoint at Overlook Park
Spicewood Springs Road - more easy-going and scenic ride
The Three Sisters / The Twisted Sisters - thanks @e30kawi for this suggestion
Wimberly / Driftwood - Nice 2-hour ride
Old San Antonio Road - Quick ride to satisfy that itch
Any suggestions on route revisions/feedback or new routes are welcomed!

You do you and I'll do me.

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You should ride 473 out to comfort and ride the three sisters out there. Lots of fun.
Good one! I'll add it to my list.

You do you and I'll do me.

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