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SoCal Motorcycle Shops?


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Greetings from Los Angeles! Sorta. 
Hey guys, I'm located right at the border between Culver City and Santa Monica. Just wondering if anyone around here had any recommendations on shops or mechanics. I'm looking to install my Woodcraft clip-ons, but since I don't own a drill and don't completely trust my own ability to drill the holes straight and in the right spot, was wondering if anyone knew anyone or any shop in the area that would be able to help install them or just drill the holes for me. I also stripped a bolt for the plastic fairings and if anyone could help with that, it would be much appreciated as well.
If you know anyone, a shop, or just you personally that can help with this, please reach out! Of course, I'm happy to compensate you for your time. 

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if by within the area you mean a few miles, you can try Melrose moto. I hear the guy is really good. a little further is Motorsports exotica, they're kinda pricey(i think $90 per hour, still less than dealerships. I'd tell them waht ou want and just ask how much that will cost, maybe they'll give a different price), but really good and quality people, and much further away is cali motorcycles. havent used them yet but i met the guy once at the snake, he seemed pretty cool, and i had heard other good thigns about them too, and i tihnk they have a reasonable price for stuff.
on the other hand, im sure there's others around that have done this before and would help you for free or for a meal/drink/beer lol. check instagram

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