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I'm no expert, but I think that you would have a hard time to do so. Belts require a certain width that I don't think you would be able to get with the FZ-07. While there are proponents of all of the different drive systems for bikes, why would you want to go with a belt?
I had thought that belt drives made sense, until I realized that if I busted a belt, then I would literally be stranded without hope since obtaining a replacement would be days, if not weeks away.
Just my 0.02

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I thought they where low maintenance, and lasted a long time.
and yet nobody but Harley can be bothered to use them. you'll need custom pulleys at both ends and in idler placed at just the right spot and just the right height to keep the belt under the correct amount of tension. Oh, and you will always be stuck at whatever front:rear pulley ratio is you designed for. 
Chain maint is nothing to be afraid of.
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Belts are more expensive but if you're changing them less than a chain the cost to replace them may balance out, or at least to some degree. I can say I had even lower maintenance with a more rare, shaft driven bike (83' XZ550RJ) and even though it had some minor quirks I loved it because I didn't have to worry about anything stretching, cleaning anything or replacing it during the time I had it. Even though you may typically lose more h.p. at the rear wheel with shaft drive my little 550 still managed a 1/4 mi. time of 12.83. which still smoked your factory mustangs and camaros. Yeah, it costs more but I got a deal on it, $1750, still in the crate. (lucky me) If the FZ-07 could've been designed with a belt a belt would be better than a chain in a few ways and you shouldn't have to worry about it coming apart, they're very tough. They do have cons like other drive systems have. Pick your poison.


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I am a fan of belt drive for motorcycles BUT there are still some problems and not the ones most mentioned. The biggest one as far as I have been able to establish is derailing if the pulleys are not exactly aligned and the width just where you don't want it ( on a non cruiser). Both of these are fixeable. There is also the problem that they are continuous so the entire run has to be accessable unlike a chain which can be separated. This is way less fixeable. Perhaps a joinable belt?
If a belt breaks in the middle of nowhere it is only a little harder to get a replacement than a new chain. As it is lighter I costs less to transport as well. Also when it breaks there is less chance of it tearing you motorcycle to bits. They are light and compact enough to carry a spare.
The fact that it is lighter means better acceleration and less rotational mass effecting the handling ( good and bad) and braking ( a good thing).
Wear on a properly adjusted bely should nowdays be less than a chain and not require groty greasy stuff everywhere.
Ratio changes require exactly the same thing as chains bigger and smaller pulleys.
An idler on the nonload side is actually a good thing.
There are a few already ( including Canams).
Perhaps more use and developments will make them even more useful.
From an environment point of view though a chain is completely recyclable ( but they pretty much aren't).

Go forth and modify my son...go forth and modify...

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