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Why do other motorcycles have secondary emission but not FZ.


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Actually the question is, why do other motorcycles have a secondary air injection system and the FZ07 doesn't? <-- Hopefully that will reduce the amount of non-answers.  Also edited the topic title to reduce non-answers.  (Thanks @sorkyah for the much appreciated, impressive non-answer! :P )
So 2 weeks ago I installed block off plates on my R3.  Took an hour.  Last night I installed the plates on my Z1000.  Took 3 hours, sore hands, aching shoulders and back.  It was a huge pain.
Then I look over at the FZ07 and smile that I did not have to do this torturous procedure on it and it just need a flash with the new exhaust.
So I ask you, if the FZ07 doesn't need it, why do so many other motorcycles require the air injection for emissions?  Obviously the FZ07 reduces unburned fuel in its own way without having to use the excess system, wouldn't most motorcycles be able to do something similar via the ECU?  I did a google search and couldn't find much info regarding it (why the FZ07 gets by without the need of the system).
What gives, anyone know the answer?  Is the FZ07 less efficient at removing unburned fuel because it doesn't have the system?  @gregjet perhaps?  @pattonme maybe?  Anyone?
I was thinking its because its a "newer" bike but apparently the FZ10 has secondary air injections as well, so that's a no.  And it isn't because it has a simple parallel twin because the R3 is a parallel twin...

I visit here at least once a week.  Got any questions, ask and I will answer!

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this bike runs lean enough as it is, the secondary injection pump isnt needed for our bike

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