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Crashguard, center stand, and trunks?


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Guy on a budget here!
So please no $500-$5000 stuff here.
Should I go for a crash guard, or just pegs?
If so, which ones are cheap, but good enough quality?
I thought of buying these <$40 frame slider pegs :
I was thinking about 2 side hardcase trunks, because I don't want to lose the passenger seat.
Givi is too expensive.
Something considerably lower price. I'm ok if the quality isn't top notch.
It's mostly for carrying small stuff with me (like lunch, ponjo, and some goggles, gloves, etc....
Nothing heavy.
Where can I get a good centerstand for the bike?

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Good side cases alone will cost you over 500. I wouldn't buy cheap ones because you'll just have to buy more when they break. These items on your list unfortunately aren't cheap. When it comes to these things you get what you pay for.

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