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Ejk experiments


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After getting my EJK I removed my entire snorkel, snorkel plate,
And filter to see if the ejk could handle than much extra air. It can. I can't remember my exact settings but after some trial and error I got smooth operation and engine sounded fine. I have no clue what the gains were but it did pull harder... noticeably harder. What I'm getting at is that i believe it possible to operate hordpowers airbox with EJK 3.5.
Experiment #2.
After all that jazz I thought , lets filter it somehow. So I went and bought one of those MX style foam
Filters. It has 2 layers of different density foam. I cut a rectangular section of the foam off (enough to cover the hole in the stock airbox) and used the stock snorkel plate & screws and some other things to fasten the snorkel plate over the airfilter. So it's basically a hole with a 2 layers of foam filter. This setup required additional tweaking of the EJK but I managed to get it running Smooth. It pulled harder and ran a bit faster similar to how the no filter setup ran but with slightly leaner settings. Each of these messings with had my o2 sensor disconnected.
W/o a filter for some reason engine vibrated more? Could have been just airflow burble and shaking the stock airbox. W/ the foam filter thingy it ran a little smoother.
Just some observations

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Did it feel different or simply sound different (vibration); sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between them if not much difference.

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Both. Something about the airflow being all chaotic without any filter could have been the cause of the vibrations. Nothing major mind you.

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