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Changing the brake fluid: bleed hose size & loops lines


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Three questions:
* What size (ID) hose fits the bleed valve
* What's the procedure for bleeding a system with two brakes in line? Bleed the first until you need new fluid then move to the second?
* Do people usually remove the brake system from the wheel before bleeding?

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This video is very well done and should help a lot. He is installing SS lines on his bike but the procedure for fluid swap and bleeding is exactly the same.
Hope this helps.
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'16 FZ07

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Thanks for the link, botticelli. That video does tell me that I ought to change my brake lines to SS and get a minivac. It also tells me that he didn't remove anything from the bike to do the bleeding. Unfortunately, the video doesn't address what size hose fits over the bleed nipple nor does it explain how to handle bleeding the two in-line front brakes.

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Answering my own question about the nipple size and hose size, my trusty digital calipers tell me the nipple is 1/4". I dug some old vinyl tubing I used to bleed my Ninja250 which is 3/16" (inner diameter). 3/16" can be stretched to fit the 1/4" nipple, making for a tight fit. Probably the ideal sized hosing.

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I believe the sponginess that many of us have felt with the front brakes on this bike are due to a small amount of air trapped in the loop of hose that goes up and overt the the front wheel. Getting 2 individual braided lines will get rid of this problem, but it's an expensive fix, imo.
Ordinarily, I leave calipers in place and just let gravity replace fluid. But if there's air trapped in that loop, you'll need to remove one caliper and hold it up so that air can escape from the hose into the caliper and then out thru the bleed nipple.
Once I did this, I was quite happy with the performance. Unless you like the look of braided lines, save yer money for something else.
And be very careful with brake fluid. It will eat paint and plastic pretty quickly. Have a small bucket of water and a sponge in case you spill. I usually cover the tank, and instruments with a plastic bag as accidents seem to happen.

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