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Hi all!
Just joined today - 3/23/17.
I'm not an owner of a FZ yet, leaning towards the 07. I've been riding for many years on V-twins(Hondas and HD), currently on a Dyna Wide Glide.
I want something more... lively, fun, light and affordable.
The reason for joining is after lots of research I'm 99% sure that a FZ07 is exactly what I'm seeking.
My 1st question - which to choose, a "New" prior year FZ07 or used with some mods?
Also, what amount should I expect to pay?
Txfish219 in Roanoke, VA
Read more: http://fz07.org/conversation/18687?page=1&scrollTo=25421#ixzz4c9z24odL

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Kidding aside, all on your preference. A well maintained bike with low mileage is good given it's at the right price and with the mods you're looking at. Or new bike smell with the new bike price, plus your mods.

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Welcome to the forums. I personally would lean towards a used one in good condition. These are tough bikes and you can save an appreciable amount of loot going that route.
Whatever you do though, it's still cost conscience. Unless you go all out on aftermarket goods.

Everything went braap.

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