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Which Preload Setting


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Hi guys,
Can someone  please advise me at what setting the preload should be on my fz-07. I weigh 220 lbs and I am 5'6 guy. With gear I am probably around 240ish lbs. Planning on losing some weight in the next few months. What setting would be best for. It would also be great if If I can put it on a setting where I can be closer to flat footing the bike. I have already dropped the bike twice, very lightly thank god because I cannot flatfoot it with both legs.  Any help would be greatly appreciated it. 

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7 or 8 but it's going to raise the ride height so would go up one or two noches
a time let you get used to it, the real problem is a lack of damping and only a
better shock will cure that but getting all your braking done before a corner then
accelerating round it helps keep the bike settled.

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