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Traded my FZ-09 in for an FZ-09


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Owned it one week, 21 miles now, Can't ride because it is all torn apart. So far I have I added a windscreen. I didn't like all the short ones that I found searching the net soooo, checked my basement junk piles and turned up 3 screens. One looked perfect so I made brackets and used it. Currently I am making mounts for the Shad top case and Viking hard saddle bags. Oh, make a mount for my cell phone/GPS. I hope to be done in a week if I get my turn signals and tail tidy in.

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Is your title correct there @pegasus46?

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Is your title correct there @pegasus46 ?
If I had a '16 or earlier version FZ-09, I would trade it in for the TCS and radiator shrouds alone. I want to trade up but the '07 is paid off and can't afford a loan right now. Also I don't like that the MPG drop between the '07 and '09 with the same 3.7 gal. tank.

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