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Hey guys. I heard about Motorcyclehouse.com last month and their pricing and good customer service from a local riding forum here in Boise.
I decided to give them a try and ordered a new set of MX boots. First off, the boots were $60 less than what Revzilla charges for the same boots. Then, they keep a discount code listed on the top of their website and it took another 5% off the order and I got free shipping.
The boots didn't fit (my fault ordered wrong size). Man, they hooked me up in an instant with a size exchange and the guy on the phone told me that if I had called in before ordering, he would have told me that model of boots ran a size larger than normal.
They have Helmets, Boots and jackets and most any kind of gear and they remind me of Revzilla back when they were starting off, still hungry to earn new customers.
Check em out here motorcyclehouse.com and this month's 5% discount code is SPRING5
They also have both East AND West Coast warehouses so shipping is really fast.

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@admin on a somewhat unrelated side note, do you know of any MX boots for the "large calved" individual? I have 18" calves and I'm having a helluva time finding a pair that will not only completely latch closed, but also have spare room to be able to fit knee protection as well. I have a set of Gaerne SG10's that fit my ginormous legs, but there is no way I can wear knee protection, as most of those would have to tuck into the boots a bit.

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I would suggest going to motorcyclehouse.com and click on their chat. I believe it's open until 1:00AM . Maybe tell them your calves diameter and I bet they will be able to tell you better than I can.
I used to have huge calves when I used to work out back in the day and back then I had good luck with Sidi, but that was a while ago.
How's the dirt riding going??

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