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Hello from Vancouver BC CANADA


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Greetings everyone.
I picked up my new FZ-07 on April 15 2017. Loving it so far. I traded in my former Honda NC750X DCT. It was a good bike but so glad i changed.
I only ride weekends when weather is decent. The only days i got to ride much were April 16 and 21 and a bit on New Bike Day. Even so with those
two days i now have over 500km on it. I also have a BWS125 scooter for shorter rides and rain days.
I started riding when i was 18 in 1975 when i got a few years old 1971 Honda CB350. I have had many bikes between then and now.
As for upgrades. Not sure if the 2017 models had been changed from prior years but i find the stock muffler sound to be as loud as after market and
would not want the bike to be any louder. Maybe i have more control of my right wrist but i do not find the bike to be wheelie prone as i saw from many
of the You Tube vids i saw. Wondering if the ECU has been remapped for the 2017 model year.
I may add slider spools and engine guard. I have ordered a wind screen. Wind is not really all that bad which was surprising. So the other reason to get
a screen is to protect the area around the key and instrument panel. Looks like it be a nice spot for an insect graveyard and a pain to clear out all the bug
The only real complaint i have about the bike is the gas gauge. Will take a bit to get used to. It hits the last segment way too fast. As soon as i see last segment
 i always look for gas station. My first ride after i hit the last bar i filled up and only put in a bit over 8 liters. (so tank was still about half full)
Some pix from my rides and new bike day
New Bike Day. Bike was waiting for me on dealer showroom floor
Ready to go on first ride. Old NC750X behind me.
New Bike Day ride. stopped at University of BC

2017 Yamaha FZ-07
2014 Yamaha BWS125

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Welcome from Nova Scotia, I think it's funny the red comes de-badged but looks the better for it so I guess a wise choice. :)

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Looks good @skyway6 ! It's not wheelie prone unless you want it to be.
To my knowledge they've made no changes to the ECU, or anything else besides paint, between the 2016 & 2017 models. They did add models with ABS for 2017 though.
My stock exhaust sounds like a cross between a sewing machine and a scooter. It's not loud... I just wish it had some rumble to it but it's not worth ~USD$6-700 just to change how it sounds.
I'm of your generation and I too found the FZ-07 to fit the bill nicely. :)

Just shut up and ride.

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