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Hello from Taiwan!


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Hi everyone. I moved to Taiwan a few years ago and have now decided to buy a MT/FZ 07. I found one second hand that wasn't too expensive and bought it. I've joined the forum to troubleshoot problems and get ideas for upgrades. Excited to be here!y4mtWFR3A5qeT86XUTecmmov3mwTYGmEJAoN_f70UuigVhAMZcURynfwAGvv17VCL-YC89-4tBdz17a2X7i4J_THj6Ys0Lkx0W1mI1x8psLm9LJxb3vJMvdEuf_sSs8uld7bwmb7SI3_ABs4bmWMR6TiTx_woi7EYoQcx2rjkuOVL4ZjhRCXCVBO1Pik7uAi8tMTy_9mDiUAZz6Gm6LKvo8lg?width=5312&height=2988&cropmode=none 

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Welcome! Careful over there!

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