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Taichi Raptor mesh glove


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first off...i went to the MotoGP here in Austin for the fist time and was blown away by...EVERYTHING.
anyway.   impulse bought some of these:
in black to replace my Revit summer perf gloves that had the worst wrist strap ever.
these babies are perfect for my hand.  it even has a stubbier thumb than any glove i've ever tried which is ideal for me due to my stubby thumbs.  they also have the best touch-tech response i've ever seen.  it works amazingly well on my iphone.  they are very comfy, and flow a TON of air in the finger vents.  if i hold my fingers out straight at like a 45 degree angle, i can feel massive flow through the vents.  so much so it was almost too much on a chillier night.
i don't know how well they will age.  there is a lot of mesh, but dammit i'm in love.

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