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Hey guys, 
I bought an FZ-07 last month and it has been freaking awesome and on the side I am rebuilding an old 1979 Honda CX500. I want to use the OEM matte black engine paint on the project but I cannot seem to find it anywhere. 
Yeah, I could use the VHT but I would rather have a high quality paint applied to it, other than rattle. 
Does anyone know where you could buy the engine paint? or really any other OEM engine paint for that matter? 

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You mean on the Honda? If so, have you tried talking with Honda or a Honda forum? I suspect, though, if it is a variety of flat-black you desire, you will be able to come up with something pretty close on your own. NAPA has always been helpful to me when doing paints. But, be advised, if you have not bought "real" automotive paint for a while the prices of such, along with the attendant supplies like hardeners, etc. have gone up dramatically of late. And, you will find, unfortunately, buying by the quart is not nearly proportionally cheaper than by the gallon, which makes it even worse for small, one-off jobs.
It used to be that NAPA could order nearly any paint premixed in spray cans. This stuff was not like the typical, over the counter. Very nice, smooth surface without further finish work. But, I've not bought any in a LONG time; may no longer exist.
Having said all this... if you are simply shooting flat, there is no reason whatsoever that spray-can would not be perfectly adequate, especially if you carefully follow the directions. I've found that most don't do so. And, practice on something worthless first to get a feel for the particular product/nozzle. I have my consistently best results, using rattle-cans, with various types of Rust-o-leum. All the best!

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