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T-Rex replacement pucks... NOT!


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I happened to scrape a front wheel slider puck a bit a while back.  I went to T-Rex's Website and looked for replacement pucks and there were none to be found.  Okay, well, the entire set is not that much and I decided if I got that I'd have an extra to stick on the shelf.  Thus, today the new set arrived and I popped out the little, round, aluminum cap to paint (I don't like names and logos on my stuff) and screwed the new puck onto the threaded, aluminum, mounting piece.  Oops, it bottomed out somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 inch! from the fork??!  The new pucks were not machined nearly as deeply as the old.  Hummmmm...
Upon inspection of the new parts and the old I discovered the design had been changed eliminating the extended "boss" at the outer end of both threaded, aluminum, mounting pieces (btw, the instructions still pictured the old mounts).  The old pucks would probably fit on the new mounts, but not vice-versa.  Dang.  So, you can guess the next move, swap-out the whole works.  Obviously, not a big deal, but a two minute job became needlessly extended, inho... all for a few minor scuffs no one but myself would have noticed, hehehe.  Duh!
So, just a heads-up, of sorts.  If you want replaceable pucks, at least for the 07, T-Rex is not the way to go.  I never thought about it when I originally bought them... my goof.  Other than this they have been perfectly fine.  All the best!

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