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May 1 ride


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Bright sunshine, but a cold and strong wind coming from the East made it quite frisky. Riding to the highest point of the ride at around 3000 ft (or just above), sitting around 55-60 mpg, the bike average just 51 mpgUS according to the computer. That was after 1/3 of the total ride. Riding east, and then north back home, the overall consumption dropped consistently until it showed 64 mpg when we parked. Or 4.6 l / 100 km at its highest and 3.7 when parking, actually, since I'm living in a metric land ;)
The coldest point along the route showed just 7C / 45F, the warmest 18C / 64F on the MT-07 display. And it probably shows a couple of Celsius too high as well. "Luckily", we had the lowest temps when we headed the strongest winds :-/
The suspension on the Yamaha worked fairly well on frost heaves, much better than anticipated. But over ripples it was pure hell. At times it felt like the wheels were made of iron instead of rubber, giving the harshest ride over worn and degraded tarmac I have ever felt. For the first time I got butt-burn from the seat as a result of the jarring. Still, a very nice ride.
A few pictures taking as we neared the top, just east of Hunnedalen.

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that looks amazing faffi

ATGATT... ATTATT, two acronyms I live by.

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