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Hey everyone, just wanted to make a quick post to introduce myself and my bike! I am a student at CSU in Fort Collins, CO. If anyone is ever in NOCO I would love to ride with you! I'm also the proud owner of a liquid graphite (Blurple) 2015 FZ07. I bought it new in November of 2015 and have 12,000 miles on it so far. Ive been trolling the website for over a year now, but haven't gotten around to posting anything yet. I love pulling wheelies on this thing, and also do a good deal of canyon riding. Just wrecked a week ago, but the only damage were a few cosmetic things and bent bars, all of which are already in the mail. I'll upload some pictures once I'm home and learn how. 
Current Mods: 
Traf-X (Type 1) turn signals (front)
Givi Windscreen
Amazon drag bars
Amazon grips (Blue driven racing knock offs, Rideit)
Amazon Levers (Rideit, Blue) 
Amazon bar end mirrors (CRG lanesplitter clones) 
Amazon LED light strips (Audew) 
iJDMTOY flasher relay
Customtaylor33 rim tape
Full akrapovic exhaust (Titanium, baffle removed)
Vagabond Motorsports frame sliders
Michelin Pilot Power 3 tires 
R6 throttle tube
Motodynamic fender eliminator 
Motodynamic sequential LED tail lights (Smoked)
Motodynamic turn signal mounts 
RAM mount
O2 sensor unplugged
Let me know if there are any other mods that I might have missed that you guys like and would recommend. I am pretty happy with the bike as it sits right now. I would try to upgrade the suspension/forks but that is a pretty expensive endeavor, so I don't see myself ever doing that. I'm planning on ordering blue mesh for the "intake" scoops on the front and back of the bike, as well as a Dobeck Performance EJK fuel controller. I should have ordered a controller when I got the bike/new exhaust, I know! I definitely lost power, and there is a TON of popping on deceleration. Anyway, I am excited to get some pictures up to see what you all think, and to meet some of you guys. Have a great day everybody! 

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Great post! Welcome to the forum, thanks for joining us! Feel free to start a gallery in member galleries. You can upload pics easily by clicking "add image to post" and then uploading pics from your pc, it dumps the pic code into your post for you after you click "upload".

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Eastern Kayaker

Before you order the EJK fuel controller, which will solve your fueling issues, check out our other vendor that does an ECU flash. The ECU flash does more than just the fuel controlling. It appears more members have been going with the flash over the fuel controller and have been happy with their decision. Just pointing this out in case you were not aware of this option. 

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Hey @drumdudeck. Welcome and thanks for joining. Great first post by the way. Missing some pictures though ;)

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