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Hi from Germany, Frankfurt! After long reserach and plenty of reviews checked I bought my MT-07 (MT in europe FZ in US) just a month ago, but already did 1500 km (~900 miles) on it. It is my first owned bike, but had a chance already to ride some rental and friends bikes last summer and I msut say this is the best! Obviously I did already quite a few changes on it:
- Akra exhaust installed by the dealer
- Öhlins NIX22 front katridges to have a better ride feeling instaleld by the dealer
- r6 throttle
- led turn lights
- radiator guard, front and rear sliders, rear fender eliminator, short clutch/breake levers - all provided by evotech performance. I'm very pleased by the quality of their products!
- frame slider from Vagabond. I decided to go with this option as it does not requires remooval of the engine bolts.
- Rizoma reverse retro mirrors
- remooved the passanger pegs. Here you can have cheaper insurance if you do not have passangers...
- added a cheap alu windshield
Later on I might add an Öhlins rear suspenson as well and visit the mighty Nürburgring (I live ~100km away from it close to Frankfurt).
I might check some more confy seat later as the stock is quite hard:)
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Schön guten Tag und herzlichen willkommen Herr @zsoci. Nice MT, love the colour combo. And great looking cows too. :)

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Ich wohne in Deutchland auch! I'm not sure if that's right, as I know very little German. I've got you beat on the Nürburgring distance, 80 kilometers from me. About 20 minutes from Trier. I got my MT-07 2 months ago, about 2300 km down. Do you have any good roads over there? I like to ride around Cochem, killer roads. Welcome to the forum.

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