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The Great Trade - basic rules and guidelines.

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The Great Trade

Okay, here’s the deal. This section is dedicated to trade only. The key rule is that no money transaction is involved. You have something to trade or offer, open a thread and post it here.
If you are looking for something specific, post what you are willing to trade it for.
Most of it would obviously be motorcycle related (parts but also gear, your optimistically small jacket etc.) but we could also throw other stuff in the mix. Want to trade your guitar for a helmet? Go ahead.
I will give you an example:
Member A (let’s call her Hippie) has bought an aftermarket exhaust but is not happy with the sound and prefers to go back to stock. Member B (let's name him Puss) has an aftermarket seat and to spiffy heart shaped mirrors he is willing to trade. The seat and mirrors are obviously not enough so he throws in a Jeux de Boule set and a baseball bat.  Both agree and the deal is done.
Hippie ships the exhaust to Puss (and pays for the shipping) and Puss ships the mirrors, seat and the other stuff to Hippie and pays for shipping too. Both members are ecstatic and post the result.
Another example:
My bike is white. Your bike is blue. I am willing to ship my body panels to you and you ship yours to me. Instant BFF !!
So let’s make this happen! I am sure you have gear, parts or other cool stuff in your shed that you are willing to trade for something else.
And remember. No money should be involved in the transaction. If the difference is too big, just ad a keychain two hats and one of those awesome FZ07.org T shirts.
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