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Bazaar Zfi with akra exhaust


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Hey guys,
New to the forum and the Fz07.  I have a 2015 with an akraprovic carbon exhaust and I just installed a Bazzaz ZFI power commander today.  I was just reading about getting the ECU flashed(guess i shoulda joined the forum before i paid 300 for the power commander) on another thread and am wondering if I can still do that with the power commander on?  Guess I'm asking what the best way is for me to get the most out of the bike with the current setup I'm using?

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You can use both, if you get the reflash you will need to zero out the values on the fuel/ign controller you have...after the reflash you can take your bike to the local dyno guru to do some ultra fine tuning, and if I recall correctly the brand of fuel/ign controller allows you to connect a QuickShifter :)

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